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Buffalo Wings

Stay Classy, Wingaddicts!

Tommy, November 15 2021

When we started Wingaddicts in February 2020, we had a vision of creating a Facebook (and social media) community of people who love chicken wings as much as we do. Well it’s been a labor of love and, thus far, mission accomplished. As an entrepreneur who has done business all over the world, I’m not naive. I know what happens to any group of peopl...

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Worst Recommendation EVER!

Tommy, October 25 2021

Did you ever watch a Wingaddicts episode, get excited, go to that particular restaurant, and hated the wings? “What the hell are these guys talking about?” I’ve had a few instances over the past few years where people would reach out to me and complain about the wings they had. “You guys said they were top notch on your video! Doni said ‘hands down...

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Wing Prices!

Tommy, September 20 2021

So, in case nobody’s noticed, wing prices are soaring. It’s not your fault, it’s not the Wingaddicts’ fault, and it’s certainly not the restaurant owners’ fault. Without getting into the minutia, there's a long ripple effect of events stemming from the covid shutdown in our country that have left restaurant owners with three choices (all bad). They...

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The Missing (W)ingredient

Tommy, August 31 2021

In this wonderful world of wings, we’re constantly discovering new flavors and new cooking techniques. We tend to go back and revisit our favorite restaurants who do it the best and, every once and a while, we’ll fire up some of the homemade variety. In the Wingaddicts Community on Facebook, I’m impressed and quite often mystified by some of the am...

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Tommy, July 13 2021

When I’m in the mood for a good pizza, I will do one of two things. I’ll either get some dough and some toppings and make one homemade, or (in 75% of the cases) I’ll either visit or order takeout from a pizza place. I’ve never ordered pizza from a Chinese restaurant, a Mexican place, a deli, or a barbecue joint. Never.

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