The Wingaddicts Story

In February of 2020, two local CT boys had the idea to start a “just for fun” Facebook group revolving around chicken wings. Tommy Wyatt and Don Peronace started by visiting local restaurants that specialize in wings, shooting short videos, and posting in the group they called “Wingaddicts Community.”

Then the Covid pandemic hit. Suddenly restaurants were closed and “takeout” was the only option. Sadly, wings don’t do very well on takeout because they get soggy during transport. So the Wingaddicts decided to order takeout, but eat them in the parking lot. Using the hood of their Jeep Wrangler as a table, “Wings on the Hood” was born.

Next, the duo brought some expertise into the family by adding an actual chef, Ryan Pasler. With Wingchef Ryan, the Wingaddicts have been able to add 20 of their own personal wing sauce recipes (not yet available to the public).

By the end of 2020, the Wingaddicts had eaten over 4,000 chicken wings from over 90 Connecticut establishments. Over 100 short episodes of Wingaddicts Seasons 1-6, are available for viewing at Subscribe to the channel and get instant notifications! Come join the party!! So many wings, so little time!

And now, please participate in the #wingaddicts challenge to help restaurants during this difficult financial time!



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The Wingaddicts are three friends with a chicken wing addiction who want to save Connecticut restaurants from the pandemic

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Wingaddicts Challenge

Make a video ... Eat a wing and promote your favorite restaurant. Challenge 3 friends on Social Media. Click here to go to the Wingaddicts Community facebook Page.