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Tommy, September 20 2021

Wing Prices!

So, in case nobody’s noticed, wing prices are soaring.

It’s not your fault, it’s not the Wingaddicts’ fault, and it’s certainly not the restaurant owners’ fault.

Without getting into the minutia, there's a long ripple effect of events stemming from the covid shutdown in our country that have left restaurant owners with three choices (all bad). They can skimp on quality, raise their prices, or take wings off the menu. We as Wingaddicts, then, are left with three choices as well; eat cheaper wings, pay more for great wings, or stop eating wings. There. Problem solved.

When we started the Wingaddicts at the beginning of 2020 we had no idea that chicken wings were about to become the “new lobster.” Just the other night, my wife and I went out for dinner and wings were on the menu at “market price.” 

What was once a throw-away food item is now a sought-after delicacy. “Here’s your Louis XIII cognac sir, would you like some beluga caviar or would you rather see our wing list?” 

"Tonight is a special night. Let's see that wing list, please."

As I sit daily and read virtually every word shared in our "Wingaddicts Community” on Facebook, it astounds me that sometimes people want to complain and argue like there’s a reward for it. We have nothing whatsoever to argue about here. Nobody is raising their wing prices to gouge the public. It’s just not true. Wings are a “break even” menu item, on a good day, for restaurants. Now, they worry about how to keep them on the menu without alarming the "misinformed" public.

So please, friends, let's cut these restaurants some slack. Instead of complaining about a restaurant’s higher wing prices, lets just re-adjust our priorities. Skip the rent. Ditch the car payment. Cancel your cable. As consumers we always always have the choice on where and how we spend our money. We can drive a Mercedes or a Honda Civic. Both will get us where we need to go.

If need be, I'll take wings in a van, down by the river! Wings up!

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