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Best Wings in New York City?

Tommy, June 15 2024

Everybody knows that Buffalo is the birthplace of the chicken wing game but it’s also super clear that the art of great wing making has since expanded far beyond the borders of Western New York. When it comes to the Big Apple and its five boroughs there’s a legitimate argument to be made that Queens may actually be the

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Best Wings on Long Island?

Tommy, May 15 2024

When you think of Long Island, you might immediately think “opulence" considering that 43% of all New York millionaires live there. You might think Gold Coast, the Hamptons, summer vacation, beaches, Montauk. You might even think about traffic on the Long Island Expressway. Yikes. Most people probably don’t think about great chicken wing joints....

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Best Wings in Buffalo? Let's Go!

Tommy, May 8 2024

The very first time we rolled into Buffalo, New York for wings we had our sights set on Anchor Bar (of course), Duff’s, Bar-Bill and Gabriel’s Gate as some of the more-prominent spots to visit but really wished for an actual “treasure map.” We rubbed a bottle of hot sauce and a genie popped out and gave us a brochure called “The Buffalo Wing...

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Best Wings in Connecticut (Part 3)

Tommy, April 28 2024

No, we didn’t research the internet to find these locations. We ate at least six different wing flavors at every one of them. Wink. If we somehow missed YOUR favorite spot, let us know! We’ll be shocked, but we’ll check it out! With that I bring you the SOUTH Connecticut Wing

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Best Wings in Connecticut (Part 2)

Tommy, April 19 2024

Connecticut has become a hot spot for great chicken wings over the past few decades and we’ve created three state “Wing Trails” to share some of those amazing destinations with the world. We sliced the state into three sections - North/ Central/ South - and featured 18 of the best wing joints in each

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Best Wings in Connecticut (Part 1)

Tommy, April 11 2024

Prior to the year 2020, Connecticut was clearly more famous for its pizza than it was for its chicken wings. The pizza is still debatably the best in the world, but our Wingaddicts escapades have uncovered the fact that CT wings stack up with anybody else’s in the country. Yes, even

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The Best Wings in Westchester?

Tommy, March 29 2024

Welcome to the Official "Wingaddicts Westchester Wing Trail" where we blaze a saucy path for chicken wing enthusiasts in the Westechester, NY area! We consulted with lots of the top area foodies and wing fans to come up with this amazing list of wing spots you simply MUST

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Dessert Chicken Wings?

Tommy, March 7 2024

"Would you like to see the dessert menu?” It’s a question usually posed to me after I’ve eaten a 20-ounce steak, baked potato and token vegetable, which followed either a sausage and broccoli rabe or candied slab bacon appetizer. As a true Wingaddict, though, the entire word “dessert” has taken on an entirely different meaning to me lately. I...

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Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Tommy, February 25 2024

Do you classify Korean fried chicken restaurants as “chicken wing destinations?” Do you go out of your way to satisfy a wing craving at any one of the many Korean chicken spots that are popping up all over the country? Maybe you should. As we continue to research and explore all things chicken wings, we’re noticing many Korean spots being written...

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Carolina Reapers? NEVER AGAIN!

Tommy, February 4 2024

"Never Again." That lie we all promise ourselves. I do remember reciting it numerous times in my youth - usually into the echo of a porcelain toilet bowl - after a night of too much alcohol. It’s been a while since I uttered those words aloud. Well, until Sunday; the morning after my Wingaddicts partners and I were judges at the Hudson Valley...

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