The 2022 'Golden Wing' Awards

Tommy, January 2 2023

At the conclusion of each year, we award our Annual "Golden Wing Awards" to the TOP 3 restaurants with the most-viewed episodes on our Wingaddicts YouTube Channel. And this year's winners were exceptional in every way! They say that the most-magical things sometimes happen by

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22 "In Review"

Tommy, December 27 2022

As we reflect back on the year 2022, our third full year at Wingaddicts, what a special year it was. In the spirit of all the “Year in Review” recaps we’ll all be forced to endure for the next week, I thought I’d beat them all to the punch! Indulge me! We started the year off by soft launching our ever-improving Wingaddicts App (free in your app...

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Tommy, December 19 2022

“Open a restaurant,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. And sometimes it is. But the not-so-secret truth is that 60% of new restaurants don’t survive their first year in business. After four years, 80% are finished. You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule. It still applies but the odds are

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To Sauce, or Not to Sauce?

Tommy, December 12 2022

That is the question. Scientists have discovered compelling evidence that suggests I may have been an actual Wingaddict long before I ever ate chicken wings. At the grocery store with my mother (and my two little brothers) I’d often get lost because I dropped anchor in the condiments aisle while mom kept

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Spread Your Wings

Tommy, August 31 2022

My father and I meet for breakfast regularly at our favorite diner on the planet. We always go at the same time, sit at the same table, and order the same thing; coffee and the hash special with eggs, well-done homefries and wheat toast. We've had it a hundred times. This morning, as I sat and looked around the diner I took a minute (maybe for the...

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"More Wings Please!"

Tommy, August 8 2022

The year 2022 is a little more than half way in the books and what a half year it's been! 1. We started up our "Saucy Saturdays" series with YouTube episodes featuring 16 different sauce brands that you can purchase nationwide. 2. We successfully launched the world's first chicken wing app "Wingaddicts Starter Wings" which helps you find (and even...

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Best Dry Rub Wings in CT

Tommy, July 11 2022

So last week, I published Part One of "Best Dry Rub Wings in CT"  in this Under The Wing-fluence blog and, as promised, here's this week's dramatic conclusion. Full disclosure: When proclaiming the "best" of anything I always feel it's important to point out the fact that it's always subjective. That means it's someone's opinion. Furthermore, we do...

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Best Dry Rub Wings!

Tommy, July 6 2022

Ever since I was old enough to squirt ketchup on my french fries at the diner, I have been a lover of "external sauces." Every chef's nightmare, I reach for the A-1 Spicy for my 32 oz ribeye steak. I wanted to get married in the condiments aisle at the grocery store, but my wife wouldn't have it.

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My Mouth Is On FIRE!

Tommy, June 20 2022

You’ve been there, right? Your ego got the best of you and you said, “Sure, bring me the hottest wings on your menu.” I mean, how bad can it be? Peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin which activates receptors on your lips, mouth and tongue creating the burning heat sensation. Different peppers have higher levels of capsaicin and chicken wing...

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CT Wing History - Just DOOB It!

Tommy, June 13 2022

As we continue to celebrate Wing History Month (OK, I just made that up - but why not?) we need to take a trip back to the turn of the millennium to a Connecticut town called North Haven. It was there that John Acanfora purchased a long-standing drinking hole and turned it into Hard Hat

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