CT Wing History: Dirt Wings

Tommy, May 3 2021

The Legend of “Dirt” The history of chicken wings in Connecticut really began to take foot in the early 1990’s. While buffalo wings were actually invented in 1964 just one state over, they really didn’t become a sought-after menu item until about a decade after Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings began franchising in the 80’s.

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Connecticut Wing History; TK's

Tommy, April 26 2021

As we travel the state and eat some of the absolute best wings on the planet, I’m always enamored with the stories behind the wings. Some places just make great wings. Some started during the pandemic. Some were long-established restaurants and added wings on as they became popular. Others have simply been pivotal in the telling of the Connecticut...

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Are YOU a Wing Master?

Tommy, April 18 2021

Five-Star Wing Master? We thought we’d throw out some interesting food for thought on this Sunday morning. Some of our amazing Wingaddicts’ recent posts have inspired us to consider a fun little game we’ll call “Five-Star Wing Master.” Obviously we’ve been to over a hundred restaurants over the past fifteen months which gives us a pretty good found...

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Breaded or Naked?

Tommy, April 5 2021

Wings. Of course, we're talking about wings. It’s always interesting to get individual opinions when it comes to food, and especially when it comes to wings. Drums or flats? Fried or baked? smoked or grilled? Bleu cheese or ranch? Heat or no? The answer to all of these questions, of course, is “YES!” But the question I’d like you to ponder is do yo...

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To Hab and Hab Not

Tommy, March 28 2021

Once upon a time, little Tommy was a traditional buffalo wing eater. He’d enjoy his buffalo wings at medium-high heat, and dip them in bleu cheese. He loved that buffalo bleu flavor so much, he slathered the stuff all over his potatoes, or rice, or whatever was on the menu at home. In fact, little entrepreneur Tommy thought about producing and bott...

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25 Wings You've Never Had

Tommy, March 14 2021

The Wingaddicts crazy list of Connecticut restaurants, wings consumed, and flavors experienced is reaching ridiculous levels. We wish we we could make these wings pop right off the computer and onto a plate for you. But the fact is, you need to take a trip and go eat these! Most normal human beings don’t go into a restaurant and order six, seven, o...

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Is Naugy the Wing Capital?

Tommy, February 28 2021

We never wanted to get into the "rating" game when we started up Wingaddicts in February of 2020, understanding that all people have different likes and tastes AND all restaurants are doing their damndest to put out a quality product. However, we're human beings (shhh, don't tell my kids). It's natural that we're going to have our own personal like...

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Season Five: We're Still Alive!

Tommy, February 21 2021

This week, we wrapped up Wingaddicts Season Five:"We're Still Alive" with episode number twenty. Hopefully, you're following along on our Wingaddicts YouTube Channel so you can become the wing "expert" in your circles. As always, we don't "rate" wings with scores, because everybody's tastes are different. But we tell you ALL about what's up AND we...

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Pizza Joint Wings? Yes or No?

Tommy, February 15 2021

You wouldn’t order a burger from a Chinese restaurant. You wouldn’t go for pizza at a Mexican restaurant. You wouldn’t call Subway ask for barbecued brisket, and you wouldn’t go to a barbecue joint for a Caesar salad. So what about wings at a pizza joint? I personally order all my pizza from pizza joints. Always.

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Got Flavored Wings?

Tommy, February 8 2021

In 1964 at the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, legend has it that the buffalo wing was born.Since then, Louisianna hot sauce and butter mixed together have become a flavor called “buffalo” and most people in the world know that flavor instantly. Dipping buffalo wings into bleu cheese became such a phenomenon that some genius finally figured out t...

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