Is Naugy the Wing Capital?

Tommy, February 28 2021

We never wanted to get into the "rating" game when we started up Wingaddicts in February of 2020, understanding that all people have different likes and tastes AND all restaurants are doing their damndest to put out a quality product. However, we're human beings (shhh, don't tell my kids). It's natural that we're going to have our own personal like...

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Season Five: We're Still Alive!

Tommy, February 21 2021

This week, we wrapped up Wingaddicts Season Five:"We're Still Alive" with episode number twenty. Hopefully, you're following along on our Wingaddicts YouTube Channel so you can become the wing "expert" in your circles. As always, we don't "rate" wings with scores, because everybody's tastes are different. But we tell you ALL about what's up AND we...

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Pizza Joint Wings? Yes or No?

Tommy, February 15 2021

You wouldn’t order a burger from a Chinese restaurant. You wouldn’t go for pizza at a Mexican restaurant. You wouldn’t call Subway ask for barbecued brisket, and you wouldn’t go to a barbecue joint for a Caesar salad. So what about wings at a pizza joint? I personally order all my pizza from pizza joints. Always.

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Got Flavored Wings?

Tommy, February 8 2021

In 1964 at the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, legend has it that the buffalo wing was born.Since then, Louisianna hot sauce and butter mixed together have become a flavor called “buffalo” and most people in the world know that flavor instantly. Dipping buffalo wings into bleu cheese became such a phenomenon that some genius finally figured out t...

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THE Best Wings. Hands Down.

Tommy, February 1 2021

When you’re part of any enthusiasts group, especially on social media, you hear it all the time; “XYZ is the BEST! Hands down! End of story! Period!" The topic can be sports teams or athletes, movies or music, bourbon or beer, pizza or chicken wings. Hell, we can’t even agree on a president! Everybody thinks their opinion is the definitive word.

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Wings are Super Healthy!

Tommy, January 25 2021

Over the next two weeks, Americans will consume over 3 billion pounds of chicken wings. Okay, I just made that up. But it’s a fact that Super Bowl week is for sure the biggest wing week of the year for restaurants and grocery stores in the United States. While I’m no health and wellness advocate (I could personally live forever on wings, ribeye ste...

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CT's Oldest Wing Joints

Tommy, January 18 2021

While people have only been enjoying buffalo wings since the 1960’s, in Connecticut you can sit down and say “wings up” at establishments that are hundreds of years old. Just for fun, let’s take a little transport through history and find the oldest places in CT to eat wings! 1754 House is #1 on our "oldest" list, and you don’t have to be smarter t...

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Take the 'Wingaddicts Challenge'

Tommy, January 11 2021

Isn’t it every human being’s innate wish to be able to make a difference in this world? I mean, we all do it whether it be through our work, our children, or our philanthropy but what if we could make a difference by eating chicken wings? Statistics show that over 100,000 restaurants and small business who temporarily shut down during the past ten...

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Tommy, December 31 2020

“I've learned that people will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. But they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou As the year 2020 comes to an end, 89% of all stories and news and those annoying “Top 10” lists will be negative. They’ll be based on politics, the virus, financial strife, depression, stress, weight g...

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100 Episodes in 2020!

Tommy, December 22 2020

When Doni and I walked into The Southford Lodge on February 4, 2020 we had decided to start a venture at the worst-possible time. We wanted to create an online "chicken wing enthusiast” group two days after the biggest wing day of the year - the Super Bowl - and right at the very beginning of a global pandemic that would end up lasting for the enti...

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