Korean Fried Chicken Wings

Tommy, February 25 2024

Do you classify Korean fried chicken restaurants as “chicken wing destinations?” Do you go out of your way to satisfy a wing craving at any one of the many Korean chicken spots that are popping up all over the country? Maybe you should. As we continue to research and explore all things chicken wings, we’re noticing many Korean spots being written...

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Carolina Reapers? NEVER AGAIN!

Tommy, February 4 2024

"Never Again." That lie we all promise ourselves. I do remember reciting it numerous times in my youth - usually into the echo of a porcelain toilet bowl - after a night of too much alcohol. It’s been a while since I uttered those words aloud. Well, until Sunday; the morning after my Wingaddicts partners and I were judges at the Hudson Valley...

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Best Wings in Manhattan? Introducing The "Official Wingaddicts Manhattan Wing Trail"

Tommy, January 25 2024

As some of the world’s most-renowned chicken wing foodies we have a serious passion for wings, wing joints, wing flavors and really all things wings. Having created popular wing trails in our home state of Connecticut we figured it was time to branch out and create other national wing trails to provide not only wing knowledge, but a fun and...

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Best Chicken Wing Flavors of 2023

Tommy, January 2 2024

One of our favorite things about starting a new year at Wingaddicts, is setting new goals and looking back on how we did on our last batch. In 2023 we started a crusade to better chronicle our journey toward eating 1,000 different chicken wing flavors (fairly certain that no living human has accomplished this feat to date). Frankly, the more...

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Chicken Wings: A Blue-Collar Cuisine?

Tommy, December 16 2023

This morning I’m pondering an interesting question; Are chicken wings considered a low/middle-class, blue-collar cuisine? While my intention isn’t necessarily to ruffle feathers (well, maybe literally), these are the kinds of  things that come into my mind as I sit around and think about chicken wings 24 hours a day. Why would I suggest such a...

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MORE Chicken Wing Flavors!

Tommy, October 27 2023

As we prepare to consume our 700th chicken wing flavor (on our quest to eat 1,000), its fun to look back at the journey which started just over 1,300 days ago. Like most normal(?) human beings, Doni, Ryan and I started our wing enjoyment many years ago with traditional hot wings. The good ol’ hot sauce-and-butter recipe that was born at Anchor...

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Hot Chicken

The History of Nashville Hot Chicken

Tommy, July 29 2023

As often happens, a spirited discussion in "Wingaddicts Community"  (Facebook’s largest network of chicken wing enthusiasts), inspired me to look into the origins of Nashville Hot Chicken. Is it a cooking style? Is it a flavor? Is there a debate? And, as usual, there’s a story. Chicken wing enthusiasts well know the tale of how Buffalo wings were...

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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese or Ranch?

Tommy, July 17 2023

Blue cheese or ranch? If you’ve been asked this question, chances are you just ordered a plate of chicken wings. That, or you’re looking at an online wing survey or meme and quickly pouncing to defend your preference. Wing enthusiasts, for some reason, love to ponder things like: What state has the best

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Wing Foodies

Eye of the Beholder

Tommy, June 19 2023

Does it matter to you how your wings look when they show up on the table? For centuries, dating back to Plato, philosophers have suggested that we “eat with our eyes first.” In other words, the act of enjoying food starts well before it gets anywhere near our mouths. Surely great chefs and restaurant owners are  aware of this as they stress...

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chicken wings

Tribute to Ron Duff (1939-2023)

Tommy, May 9 2023

Ron Duff didn't invent chicken wings. Ron Duff isn't the founder of Duff's Famous Wings in Buffalo. Ron Duff is, however, in very large part responsible for the ever-spreading chicken wing phenomenon we all love and experience today. On Sunday, May 7, the world lost one of the wing game's most important pioneers at the age of

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