Wing Sauce


MORE Chicken Wing Flavors!

Tommy, October 27 2023

As we prepare to consume our 700th chicken wing flavor (on our quest to eat 1,000), its fun to look back at the journey which started just over 1,300 days ago. Like most normal(?) human beings, Doni, Ryan and I started our wing enjoyment many years ago with traditional hot wings. The good ol’ hot sauce-and-butter recipe that was born at Anchor...

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chicken wings

To Sauce, or Not to Sauce?

Tommy, April 18 2023

That is the question. Scientists have discovered compelling evidence that suggests I may have been an actual Wingaddict long before I ever ate chicken wings. At the grocery store with my mother (and my two little brothers) I’d often get lost because I dropped anchor in the condiments aisle while mom kept

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The Missing (W)ingredient

Tommy, August 31 2021

In this wonderful world of wings, we’re constantly discovering new flavors and new cooking techniques. We tend to go back and revisit our favorite restaurants who do it the best and, every once and a while, we’ll fire up some of the homemade variety. In the Wingaddicts Community on Facebook, I’m impressed and quite often mystified by some of the am...

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