Tommy, April 18 2023

To Sauce, or Not to Sauce?

That is the question.

Scientists have discovered compelling evidence that suggests I may have been an actual Wingaddict long before I ever ate chicken wings. 

At the grocery store with my mother (and my two little brothers) I’d often get lost because I dropped anchor in the condiments aisle while mom kept walking. 

I’ve always loved to look at the different barbecue sauces and mustards and anything else that might add flavor to whatever food my mother made me eat back then. Haha. Truth be told, I had no ability to purchase any of the said condiments but I’d stand and gaze at the shelves as though I were in a museum.

I still do that today, although there are thousands more to marvel at. I’m seriously considering purchasing a “condiments only” refrigerator for my house. Yeah, I’m becoming a sauce hoarder! 

I’m super bored with the wing surveys that ask you if you like drums or flats. I’m tired of blue cheese vs ranch. Here’s what I want to know . . . some sauce or MORE sauce?

Do you prefer extra sauce on your wings? Do you like them dry? Lightly sauced? Moderate? Or do you like them sitting in a pool of loveliness? 

The inspiration for this post occurred during a recent visit to the Stonebridge Restaurant in Milford. It’s a happening social spot, nightlife scene and casual fine dining seafood restaurant but they do have two wing flavors on the menu (buffalo and bbq).

They were honest and admitted that their BBQ wings were tossed with Ken’s Cannonball BBQ sauce. Straight up. However, their magic bullet was the house-made buffalo sauce, house-made bleu cheese and (wait for it) the green goddess dressing, which we’ve NEVER seen paired with wings before. Along with the order we asked for some extra buffalo sauce.

The buffalo wings we received were pretty good. When we poured on the extra buffalo sauce, they were great. When we dipped them in green goddess they were “sound the trumpets,” blog worthy, can’t-wait-to-go-back-there great. Ahh, the difference a sauce makes.


How do you like your wings? You can always just ask for an extra cup of sauce!

Check out the collection of sauces we’re compiling on our Wingaddicts app! If yours isn’t in there, we’d love for you to add it! 

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