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So, you think you’re a hot shot?

Are you one of those heat lovers who asks for the hottest wings wherever you go? 

That used to be me back in my twenties but, just like with the concept of chugging alcohol, experience has brought me wisdom. Even when I am compelled to “try” some hot wings, I do so with the full understanding of the merciless torture I’ll be subjecting my colon to the next day. In other words, I can now see the end from the beginning. Pun intended.

But over in Melbourne, Australia, all that goes out the window once a year at the Lygon Street Burger Bar’s annual Red Hot Chili Eating Competition.

With an ambulance on site, 24 teflon-keistered contestants start out with the most-mild hot peppers (jalapenos) and work their way up the Scoville scale. In addition to the fresh peppers, each of the two dozen competitors is required to eat a variety of other spicy foods and drinks until they vomit, pass out,  tap out, or take a sip of the milk or beer that’s provided. 

Make it all the way to the end, and you’re eating fresh raw Trinidad Scorpions and then the hottest peppers on Earth, Carolina Reapers which measure 2,000,000 Scovilles.

In addition to a few rolls of frozen toilet paper, the champion receives the $500 grand prize, hot sauce, beer and contest merchandise. But, most importantly, gets his or her name engraved on the championship trophy!

The most fearsome Wingaddicts will tell you that they like to enjoy the flavor of the wings through all the heat. Well imagine accepting the punishment without committing the crime. NO thank you!

If you’re a heat lover we’d love to hear about it in our Facebook “Wingaddicts Community.” 

Wings up to the heat lovers!

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