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Connecticut "Hot Ones!"

Tommy, March 28 2022

Sean Evans has gained fame through his series called “Hot Ones” on the First We Feast YouTube channel. There, he interviews celebrities while taking them through a series of ten very hot wings as they sweat, laugh and cry. I mean it’s funny to watch people suffer, right? It just is.

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Tommy, September 30 2021

So, you think you’re a hot shot? Are you one of those heat lovers who asks for the hottest wings wherever you go? That used to be me back in my twenties but, just like with the concept of chugging alcohol, experience has brought me wisdom. Even when I am compelled to “try” some hot wings, I do so with the full understanding of the merciless torture...

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Tommy, July 18 2021

Starting with the last week in February 2021 and right up through the middle of July, we overcame lots of scheduling conflicts to shoot 21 episodes over 19 weeks to put together Wingaddicts Season Six: “So Many Wings, So Little Time.” During that span we also filmed four priceless RELAPSE episodes at J.Timothy’s, Tuck’s Tavern, TK’s American Cafe,...

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