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Tommy, February 28 2021

Is Naugy the Wing Capital?

We never wanted to get into the "rating" game when we started up Wingaddicts in February of 2020, understanding that all people have different likes and tastes AND all restaurants are doing their damndest to put out a quality product. However, we're human beings (shhh, don't tell my kids). It's natural that we're going to have our own personal likes and dislikes. On top of that, there's three of us!

There is one thing the three of us agree on for sure. So far (and I stress the "so far" part!) Naugatuck has stood out as what we like to call The Wing Capital of Connecticut. Just by the sheer volume of quality wing spots, we've had to lay that claim. PLUS, our analytics have uncovered the fact that our Facebook "Wingaddicts Community" has more members from Naugatuck than any other city in the whole world! 

I'm sure this blog post will lead to a bunch of NEW Naugatuck recommendations from the Wingaddicts Community (and we hope so!) We clearly haven't been to EVERY wing spot in Naugy, but here's where we've been so far (in order of visit).

* Click on the restaurant name for their website and menu. Click on the photo if you'd like to watch the Wingaddicts YouTube episode where we ate that wing!

Jessie Camille’s: We had just started the Wingaddicts and CT had just gone into its “lockdown” phase. People were freaking out and even Doni the Cleaner was super nervous about venturing out for wings (his wife is an elementary school teacher). So, I, the fearless one, on a Jeep ride up Rt 63 with my teenage daughter, decided to make a quick stop and check out the wings at Jessie Camille’s. My family had been there for dinner a few times and enjoyed it, but we never tried the wings. From the parking lot, I called in an order of Buffalo and an order of their famous Truffle Parmesan wings. So as not to let them get soggy on my 15 minute ride home, I ate them on the hood of the Jeep! It almost doesn’t count as an “official” Wingaddicts visit because it was just me, but I can vouch for the quality of these wings in every way. They also have another five flavors I didn’t get to. Yet.

The Station: Midway through Season 2, last May, Doni and I ventured back into Naugy. It was challenging to find a wing place that was open during lunch hours and not closed down by Covid. We found a hot (fairly new) restaurant called The Station. This big beautiful restaurant at the train station on Water Street had closed down indoor dining. Wings are an afterthought on this menu which includes just about any great dinner item you can imagine. But we did what we do. They have two flavors on the menu, Buffalo and Cajun Honey BBQ, and both were out of this world. Would we classify The Station as a wing joint? Hell no. It’s a big time restaurant with great wings on the menu. Don’t go there for wings, but get wings when you go there! See what I did there? 

Paesano's Pasta House Restaurant: Doni and I were headed back into Naugy on a summer afternoon a few weeks later, planning to hit 66 Church. Closed. Then we followed up on a tip for a wing spot up the street (can’t remember the name, Wings Something) and it looked like they were out of business. So we drove down Rubber Ave to Tuck’s Tavern. Also closed. Finally, we pulled into a little strip with a tiny Italian Restaurant called Paesano’s. It smelled like my Italian grandmother’s kitchen the second we walked through the door. For those of you who have never been in my grandmother’s kitchen, think “heaven.” There were no customers inside, but we introduced ourselves to a super-friendly server, told her of our bad luck that day, and asked if they had wings. It felt like a silly request, but the also super-friendly owner (and chef) told us in his Italian accent that he’d make us some. They were straight buffalo with the Franks Red Hot and butter (probably). They were tasty. They were wings. Would I go back there and order wings again? No. Would I go back there and order everything else on the menu? YES YES YES! 

66 Church: A few days later, I ventured out by myself to try out 66 Church. I called my friend and fellow Wingaddict Glenn Spector to join me as his business is right around the corner. We were still in “Wings on the Hood” mode and getting a vantage point to shoot a video was difficult. I parked across the busy street and had to stand in the road in order to get the 66 Church sign in the video screen. As cars whizzed by and talking above the construction project happening literally right next door to the restaurant (they were building The Hub, ironically), I was able to do a half-ass episode eating Buffalo and Jameson BBQ wings. They were good wings for sure, but not a decent enough sample size. I’d love to hear your thoughts on 66 Church. I’m going to need to go back with the other Wingaddicts and try again. The place is super cool on the inside, but they were doing takeout only at that time. They do have four other flavors on that menu.

Tuck’s Tavern: When this place opened back up after a short closing period mid June, Doni and I went straight there because we were getting a LOT of recommendations. It happened to be the first anniversary for Tuck’s that day and we got the chance to meet some of the owners and the amazing staff. We took our wings to go and set up shop on the hood of the Jeep right there in the Tuck’s parking lot. The best way to describe this visit (and I KNOW I speak for Doni as well), is “other worldly.” We were like giddy children as we savored our way through Buffalo, Honey Hot, Cajun Butter, Maple Bacon, and their classic Red White & Bleu. Yes, that’s five orders and two Wingaddicts. Wingchef Ryan missed out on this one, but you can rest assured that we are 100% going back to Tuck’s for our “RELAPSE” series. One of our favorite spots in the entire state. 

The Hub: On the opening night of the NFL Season in September, Wingchef Ryan and I made a trip to The Hub in the pouring rain. We were a little worried about how we could set up a video shoot, because the place was relatively small and narrow. We need decent lighting and want to have enough space not to bother the other customers. Luckily for us, the two ladies sitting in the prime spot by the front window were both Wingaddicts and they offered to let us have the table. Jason “Curly” Brewer, the GM, took super great care of us as we ordered all four wings on the menu. Wingchef Ryan was super excited about the wood-fired wings, cooked in a 500-degree oven, and I was excited about the names of the flavors we ordered, like Boom Boom and Fiesta Cilantro Lime to go with those Classic Buffalo and the House Signature Rub. Straight up, there was nothing negative at all about this wing experience. Both of us loved the wings and agreed that they are unique to all the wings we’ve had in the state thus far.

American Forged Pub: During the summer I got a message from an old friend Taryn Finley, who told me we needed to try the wings at this place, AFP. I learned that she and her husband Mike had opened the place and I also noticed that they had received an award in 2020 from the Waterbury Republican for their wings! We finally made it out there in early December, and fell instantly in love with the place. First off, it honors our military and veterans. You just feel like a proud American walking through the door. Then, those wings! They had some cool combinations like Buffalick and Barbaflo (use your imagination). We also ordered Lemon Pepper, Red White & Blue, Sweet Thai Chili, and their house special “7 spice” Dry Rub. Another place in Naugy that hits our favorites board! Oh, and we went back the next day for breakfast. That homemade hash! (Shhh)

The Victoria Inn: People on the Naugatuck Community Facebook page gave me a beatdown because I had never heard of The Victoria Inn. Like I was an idiot. So, in the last Wingaddicts episode of 2020, we did our Christmas Special there. We loved the story of the old place, we struck up great conversations with the few regulars that were inside, and we were treated to every wing on the menu but Barbara, who was running the entire bar. These wings were smaller, but super tasty, and all three of us enjoyed their Buffalo Bleu, Cajun Dry Rub, Hot Buffalo, Mango Habanero, and Sweet Heat. We didn’t leave a sliver of chicken on that Boneyard either!

585 Main: On a crazy, wintery night in February, all three of us met up in Naugy, after a Groundhog’s Day snow storm, at this place that we had seen recommended on our Wingaddicts Community Facebook group many times. They didn’t know we were coming, but they knew who we were right when we came through the door, and proceeded to roll out the red carpet and serve up what I believe was every flavor on the menu. We of course had Hot Buffalo, Garlic Parm, Honey Cajun, Honey Nashville Hot, and Mango Habanero. Cool bar, cool customers, cool staff, and the Honey Cajun and Honey Nashville Hots both made our all-time fave’s list. Would be fun to go there when patio dining kicks back up. Seems like a great party spot!

Deeman’s:  We started getting recommendations to try Deeman’s way back in July. Of course we put them on the list immediatly, like we always do for recommendations. Finally, we showed up unannounced (which is how we normally roll) the night after a snow storm. Sadly, our timing was bad and their supplier hadn't made a wing delivery. We met the owner Frank and his wife Patty, who were awesome. The menu on the wall (which you can't really find online) looks awesome! We tried to get back a second time, but our timing sucked again. Ahhhhhh. So, we haven't enjoyed Deeman's wings just yet. But we will! Stay tuned.

In writing this blog post it has occurred to me that all three Wingaddicts have only been to five of the ten Naugatuck spots! We might have to create a few re-runs. I know of at least THREE that will be featured this year in the RELAPSE series! 

Stay tuned. Did we miss any? Naugy Wingaddicts, what say YOU?

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