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Got Flavored Wings?

In 1964 at the famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY, legend has it that the buffalo wing was born.Since then, Louisianna hot sauce and butter mixed together have become a flavor called “buffalo” and most people in the world know that flavor instantly.

Dipping buffalo wings into bleu cheese became such a phenomenon that some genius finally figured out that you can just mix the two together to create a “buffalo bleu” sauce, equally as recognizable.

Soon restaurants, bars, and wing joints started using barbecue sauce (BBQ), and then teriyaki sauce, and sweet chili. Then came the flavor boom. Before starting Wingaddicts in February 2020, I can honestly say that when ordering wings, I probably ordered good old buffalo wings, 99% of the time. And yes, bleu cheese.

TK’s in Danbury, turned me on to the flavor craze back in the late 80’s when I first tried a “flavored wing” there called Jerkodactyl (a combination of jerk, BBQ, and teriyaki). I heard angels singing. I ordered it again every time I ever went back there.

Then it was the “hot garlic” at The Southford Lodge after softball in the early 2000’s, and maybe a sweet chili somewhere along the way. Other than that, I was buffalo. Period (almost).

When we started Wingaddicts and I heard that Dew Drop Inn had 100 flavors on their menu, I thought, “how the hell can you possibly come up with 100 flavors for a chicken wing?”

TK’s has 76 flavors. Red Rock Cafe has 69. Sliders has 35. Bidwell Tavern has 33. Hot Rod’s 30. BWW 27. Though we haven’t been there for a visit yet, Marley’s Gotham Grill in Hackettstown, New Jersey has - wait for it - 250 flavors on its wing menu. When we finally DO go there, we’ll be sure to bring sleeping bags! 

So, after a full year in the field, after over 100 YouTube episodes, I decided to do some research to see exactly how many different flavors we’ve tried. First off, on a Wingaddicts visit we (almost) ALWAYS order their traditional buffalo wing. To date, we’ve had 81 different buffalo wings in CT.

I was thinking that our flavor total would be somewhere around 100, because frankly my mind doesn’t compute more than that. To my shock, the Wingaddicts have digested 244 flavors including 29 flavors that were homemade by one of us.

Just for fun, I thought I’d run the list. Read through. I’ve included the locations WHERE we ate each wing in case one sounds good. Disclaimer: certain popular flavors (ie garlic parm, teriyaki, bbq) we’ve had at multiple spots but I only listed one. Are YOU a "traditionalist?" Or do some of these flavors tickle your tastebuds just a little? Haha. We'd like to know! Wings up!

Alabama BBQ (Fork & Fire, Dew Drop)

Angry Peach (Triple Play)

Apple Bourbon BBQ (Dew Drop)

Asian Fusion (Blackboard Cafe)

Asian Ginger Dry Rub (The Lodge)

Asian Zing (BWW)

Bacon Ranch Crunch (Founders Patio)

Barbaflo (AFP)

BBQ Dry Rub (Bonfire Grille)

BBQ Jerk Wings (Wingchef Ryan)

BBQusabi (Blackboard Cafe)

Berry Balsamic Habanero (Wingchef Ryan)

Black & Blue Dry rub (AFP)

Blistered Shishito Gorganzola (Founders Patio)

Blue Fire (Daveluy’s)

BLT Ranch Wings (Dew Drop Inn)

Boom Boom (The Hub)

Bourbon (Blackboard Cafe)

Bourbon BBQ (Beachland Smoke)

Bourbon BBQ Bacon (Dew Drop Inn)

Bourbon Chipotle (The Lodge)

Bourbon Habanero Honey (JJ Stacks)

Bourbon Street (Groggy Frogg)

Buffalemon Pepper (Wing It On)

Buffalick (AFP)

Buffalo Bacon Ranch (Sliders)

Buffalo Blue (Sliders)

Buffalo Gorganzola (Bonfire Grille)

Buffalo Dirt Style (J.Timothy)

Buffalo Doob Style (Hard Hat)

Buffalo mild

Buffalo hot

Buffalo FU hot (Groggy)

Buffalo Insane BBQ (AJ's Oasis)

Buffalo Honey Hot (AJ's Oasis)

Buffalo Ranch Dry Rub (OJoe’s)

Buffalo Smoked (Scooter’s)

Buffalo Soldier (My Place Tap Room)

Buffalo Sriracha Kitchen Sink (Fork & Fire)

Butter Bacon Garlic Parm (MAG’s)

Cajun (Blind Rhino)

Cajun Butter (Tuck’s)

Cajun Chipotle Ranch (Wingchef Ryan)

Cajun Ranch (Hot Rod)

Cajun Dry Rub (Orange Ale House)

Candied Cajun Bacon Dry (Dew Drop Inn)

Carolina BBQ (Daveluy’s)

Cajun Honey BBQ (The Station)

Caribbean Jerk (BWW)

Carolina Mustard (Beachland Smoke)

Carolina Tang (OJoe’s)

Cheddar Jalapeno (Groggy Frogg)

Cherry Pepper Twist (MAG’s)

Chinese Wings (Oriental Gourmet)

Chipotle Buffalo Ranch (Wingchef Ryan)

Chipotle Garlic (Red Rock)

Chipotle Ranch (Crabby Al’s)

Chipotle Raspberry (Red Rock)

Cherry Bourbon BBQ (Taprock)

Cherry Pepper Buffalo (Blind Rhino)

Chili Lime (Cold Creek)

Cilantro Honey Sriracha (Uncommon Grill)

Cilantro Lime (The Hub)

Cinnamon Chipotle (Pies & Pub)

Citrus Bomb (Wingchef Ryan)

Citrus Bourbon Teriyaki (HooDoo Brown)

Citrus Chipotle (Mad Greek)

Citrus Chipotle Honey (Taprock)

Coconut Chili (Royal Coachman)

Coffee Bourbon BBQ (@thecorner)

Crystal’s Hot Mess (Groggy Frogg)

Dirty Dry Rub (Eli Cannon)

Dirt Wings (J.Tim’s)

Drunken Grubin Monkey (Flying Monkey)

Duck Wings (Sitting Duck)

Ethiopian (Foundry Tavern)

Everything Bagel (Bidwell Tavern)

Fireball Whiskey Wings (Triple T)

Firecracker (Cold Creek)

Firey Raspberry Habanero (Wingchef Ryan)

Flaming BBQ (Pub 67)

Flamin’ Raspberry (16 Straits)

Flamin’ Raspberry Cuervo (Crabby Al)

Flaming Takis Taco Wings (Wingchef Ryan)

Fuego (MAG’s)

Garlic Cajun (Pub 67)

Garlic Herb Asagio (1754)

Garlic Honey (CJ Sparrow)

Garlic Parm (Blind Rhino)

Garlic Parm Wet (16 Straits)

Garlic Parm Bacon (Dew Drop Inn)

Garlic Pepper (Hot Rod)

Garlic Pepper Thai Chili (Hot Rod)

General Tso (Sliders)

Ghost Pepper (Popeye’s)

Ginger & Soy BBQ Sticky (Wingchef Ryan)

Gluttony (Blackboard Cafe)

Grandpa Joe’s Dry Rub (Cold Creek)

Green Chili Salsa Verde (1754)

Habanero (Dew Drop)

Habanero Blaze (Bonfire Grille)

Habanyaki (Burgerittoville)

Headway Sweet Heat (OJoe’s)

Hennesey BBQ (585 Main)

Hoisin Ghost Wings (Triple T)

Hollywood (Groggy Frogg)

Honey BBQ Doob Style (Hard Hat)

Honey Bourbon BBQ (16 Straits)

Honey Gold BBQ (J.Tims)

Honey Hot (Archie Moore’s)

Honey Jack (Epicure Pizza)

Honey Mustard (16 Straits)

Honey Nashville Heat (585 Main)

Honey Soy Ginger (Flying Monkey)

Honey Sriracha (@thecorner)

Honey Teriyaki (Ma’s Hot Pot)

Horseradish (Bidwell Tavern)

Horseradish Ginger (Groggy Frogg)

Hot Crack (Blackboard Cafe)

Hot Garlic (The Lodge)

Hot Honey (16 Straits)

Hot & Smokey (1754)

Hot Tamale (Firehouse Grill)

Hot Teriyaki (Blackboard Cafe)

Hub Signature House Rub (The Hub)

Huli-Huli (Founder’s Patio)

Italian Roasted Buffalo (Wing Chef Ryan)

Jacked up Buffalo (Jerzie Joe’s)

Jalapeno Mango (Royal Coachman)

Jalapeno Popper Wings (Wingchef Ryan)

Jamaican Jerk (CJ Sparrows)

Jameson BBQ (66 Church)

Jerkadactyle (TK’s)

Jerk Dry Rub (Daveluy’s)

Kick Ass Bayou (Dew Drop Inn)

Kicked Up Cayenne (Sliders)

Kickin Jalapeno (BWW)

Kitchen Sink (Beachland Smoke)

Korean BBQ (Hop Haus)

Kuhn’s Chili Wings (Triple T)

Lava (Eli Cannon’s)

Lemon Pepper (Cover Two)

Mango Habanero (Hometown Pizza)

Maple Bacon (Tuck’s)

Maple Bourbon Bacon (Bonfire Grille)

Maple Bourbon Dry Rub (Five Corners)

Maple Chipotle (@thecorner)

Maple Habanero Buffalo (Wingchef Ryan)

Mango Jalapeno Wings (Wingchef Ryan)

Maple Sriracha (1754)

Maryland Old Bay (Smokin With Chris)

Maui Wowie (Bonfire Grille)

Mesquite Dry Rub (Groggy Frogg)

Mexican Hot (Bidwell Tavern)

Mistake (Cover Two)

Montreal Butter (Dew Drop Inn)

Mustard Pretzel Wings (Triple T)

Nacho Wings (Dew Drop Inn)

Naked (JP Dempsey)

Nahsville (Taprock)

Nashville Hot (KFC)

New Zealand (OJoe’s)

NY Buffalo (Smokin With Chris)

Orange Chicken (BWW)

Orange Ginger Chili (Wingchef Ryan)

Orange Jerk (Hop Haus)

Paranormal (Hot Rod)

Pastrami Dry Rub (ABC co)

Peanut Butter & Jelly (Dew Drop Inn)

Pepperoni Parm (Founder’s Patio)

Pineapple Habanero (Hop Haus)

Pineapple Jalapeno BBQ (Ma’s Hot Pot)

Pineapple Mango Habanero (Dew Drop Inn)

Pizza Wings (BWW)

Plum Sriracha (Blind Rhino)

Raspberry Bourbon (Archie Moore’s)

Red White & Bleu (Tuck’s)

Reese’s Cup Wings (Dew Drop Inn)

Rhode Island (Cover Two)

Roasted Pablano BBQ (Fork & Fire)

Salt & Vinegar (Notch8)

Scotch Bonnet (Notch8)

Sesame Garlic (Notch8)

Seven Spice (AFP)

Shmokin’ Buffalo (Scooter’s)

Slow Death Wings (Scooter’s)

Smoked Buffalo (Beechland Smoke)

Smoked Habanero (Reid’s BBQ)

Smokey Buffalo BBQ (Wingchef Ryan)

Smores (Dew Drop Inn)

Soyracha (CJ Sparrow)

Spicy Dry Rub (Triple T)

Spicy Garlic (JJ Stacks)

Spicy General Tso Sriracha (Wingchef Ryan)

Spicy Honey Garlic (Daveluy’s)

Spicy Maple Cider Wings (Triple T)

Spicy Maui Wings (TK’s)

Spicy Monkey (Flying Monkey)

Spicy Peach Ginger (Red Rock)

Spicy Soyracha (Wingchef Ryan)

Spicy Steakhouse (Wingchef Ryan)

Sriracha Garlic Teriyaki (Wingchef Ryan)

Sriracha Honey (Eli Cannon’s)

Sriracha Lime (Red Rock)

Sticky Asian Wings (Five Corners)

Sticky Hot Garlic (Bidwell Tavern)

St Louis Dry Rub (Mulberry St)

Strawberry Habanero (Dew Drop Inn)

Strawberry Habanero Balsamic (Wingchef Ryan)

Sweet Basil Buffalo (Wingchef Ryan)

Sweet Chili Hot (OJoe’s)

Sweet Chili Gorganzola (Daveluy’s)

Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Jalapeno Garlic (Wingchef Ryan)

Sweet Chili Raspberry (AJ's Oasis)

Sweet Heat Buffalo (8fifty)

Sweet Hot (Daveluy’s)

Sweet Red Chili (J.Tim’s)

Sweet & Sassy Party Wings (Triple T)

Sweet & Sour (Cold Creek)

Sweet & Sour Sriracha (Wingchef Ryan)

Sweet & Spicy (Negril Sports Bar)

Sweet Thai Chili (AFP)

Taco Chili Lime Wings (Wingchef Ryan)

Tacos & Tequila Wings (Wingchef Ryan)

Tangy BBQ (Five Corners)

Tavern Hot (Cold Creek)

Tequila Lime (JJ Stacks)

Tequila Lime BBQ (Senor Pancho’s)

Teriyaki (Royal Coachman Tavern)

Thai Chili (ABC co)

Thai Peanut (CJ Sparrow)

Tobasco Teriyaki Butter (Dew Drop Inn)

Togarashi Brown Sugar (Blind Rhino)

Truffle (@thecorner)

Truffle Garlic Parm (Jesse Camilles)

Two in the Pool (Eli Cannon)

Vinny’s Special (Hometown)

Wasabi Drizzle (OJoe’s)

Wasabi Oriental Seseme (Red Rock)

Wasabi Ranch (Mad Greek)

Wasabiyaki (Groggy Frogg)

* Triple T is me (Tommy Two Times) and I made that flavor wing at home. The only other homemade wings not ordered at a restaurant were made by Wingchef Ryan in his laboratory! 

Do you have any good recipe's or favorite flavors around? Let us know!!  "So many wings, so little time!"

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