Tommy, February 1 2021

THE Best Wings. Hands Down.

When you’re part of any enthusiasts group, especially on social media, you hear it all the time; “XYZ is the BEST! Hands down! End of story! Period!"

The topic can be sports teams or athletes, movies or music, bourbon or beer, pizza or chicken wings. Hell, we can’t even agree on a president! Everybody thinks their opinion is the definitive word.

I’ve been going to the same sandwich shop for 30 years and ordering the same sandwich every time. They don’t even ask me for my order, they just say hello and start making it when I walk through the doorway. This place has 30 different sandwiches on the menu and in 30 years, I’ve never tried any of them except “Giant 10 with everything.” My heart is beating and my mouth watering just typing this.

If you ask me, “what’s the best sandwich in Connecticut?” I’ll have an answer for you. And if you want to argue with me, I'll fight you over it! But how can my answer be correct? It can’t. First off, they have 29 other sandwiches in that shop alone that might be better. Chances are also excellent that I’ve never even been to your favorite sandwich place and certainly never tried your favorite sandwich. So the correct answer to “what’s the best sandwich in Connecticut?” is “Whichever is YOUR favorite!”

Let’s steer the conversation back to chicken wings. Newspapers love to rate “The Best Wings” here or there. The truth is relative. Your favorite place has the best wings in Connecticut, until you go to another place where you like them more. If you’re like “Tommy the Sandwich Eater,” you have no desire to go to other places. And that’s awesome! We love and respect your opinion of who’s the best.

But as the undisputed self-proclaimed Connecticut wing experts, the Wingaddicts will tell you how amazing it has been hitting over 100 different wing spots in the state last year. None of the three of us has a legitimate answer for who’s "best." Hell, we can’t even agree on a Top 25 list!

If you have a “best” then by all means carry the banner! Because you’re right! YOUR  favorite place is definitely the best! 

Wings up!

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