The Story of BWW

Tommy, December 14 2020

The year was 1982 and I was in my senior year at Newtown High School. Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowrey had recently moved to Ohio from Buffalo, New York. They were craving buffalo wings from home and came up with the idea to open their own wing joint. (The bastards didn't think to call ME!)

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Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Tommy2Times, December 7 2020

"The year is 1918. In Detroit, horse-drawn carriages have fully given way to automobiles and yet who really cares? Because over in New Iberia, Louisiana, Adam Estilette and Jacob Frank partner up to create a hot sauce perfectly spiced with a rich blend of cayenne peppers. Bless their spicy hearts."

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Meet The Black Widow

Tommy, November 30 2020

She stands five feet five and weighs 105 pounds, but don't let her deminutive size fool you. Sonya Thomas, known as The Black Widow for her unrelenting desire to "eliminate the males" in the sport of competitive eating, can eat more than you can. Today we honor her in our Wingaddicts blog, not so much for the 39 World Records she holds, but for her...

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Making Chicken Salad

Tommy, November 16 2020

Oh yeah? In 2001, Warner Brothers released an animated film called Osmosis Jones, about an aging zookeeper named Frank DeTorre (played by Bill Murray) a compulsive eater who contracts a virus that nearly kills him before the animated cartoon heroes inside his body - voiced by Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, William Shatner, and David Hyde Pierce -...

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The "Real" King of Wings?

Tommy, November 10 2020

So in last week’s blog I wrote about the “birth” of buffalo wings, which has been (almost) indisputably attributed to Teressa Bellisimo at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964. But like all great things, there is always that “touch of gray” controversy. While we all know and appreciate that mouthwatering Louisiana hot sauce and butter combinatio...

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The Story of Wings

Tommy, November 2 2020

Upon returning from her friend's house, my then 12-year old daughter told me that she had wings for dinner. "I love me some chicken wings!" I told her, "What kind?" "Daddy, these weren't chicken wings," she answered. "They were buffalo wings." This short conversation got me to wondering at what age human beings actually figure out that buffalo wing...

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Tommy, October 5 2020

By Tommy Wyatt What better way to start off our Wingaddicts blog than to pull an original work from the archives of my life. Long before we started the Wingaddicts, I was a writer. In fact, I was a sports writer for a local newspaper called The Newtown Bee in Newtown, CT. This past weekend I was looking through a box of old things in my basement an...

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18 Specialty Wings (Non-Buffalo) You Must Try in CT!

Tommy2Times, September 24 2020

By Wingaddict Tommy "2 Times"  Wyatt Considering that the Wingaddicts have become the obvious experts on chicken wings in Connecticut, having now eaten at over 60 wing joints in 2020 alone, we are often asked “who has the best wings in CT?”It’s an impossible question to answer, considering that all people have different preferences. Some like thei...

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Welcome to our WingAddicts Blog.

Don, September 2 2020

We thank you for taking a part in our blog. Make sure to subscribe to our youtube page and our facebook pages.

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