Blind Rhino Buffalo Wing Champ!

Tommy, September 6 2021

Casey Dohme and his boys from The Blind Rhino took home four trophies from the US National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY this weekend. "It was crazy," Casey explained. "We were slinging wings all weekend long, probably like six, seven, or eight thousand. On Sunday, Drew (Cerza) came up to us and said, 'I hope you guys have a big car,' and ha...

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The Missing (W)ingredient

Tommy, August 31 2021

In this wonderful world of wings, we’re constantly discovering new flavors and new cooking techniques. We tend to go back and revisit our favorite restaurants who do it the best and, every once and a while, we’ll fire up some of the homemade variety. In the Wingaddicts Community on Facebook, I’m impressed and quite often mystified by some of the am...

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THE Best Smoked Wings

Tommy, August 23 2021

“Who has the best wings?” It’s a question we get every single day when we meet new Wingaddicts. “It’s an impossible question to answer,” is the only way to honestly reply. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Or the “wing-holder” in this case. Stay with me . . . In addition to the fact that there are different sizes of wings and hundreds of...

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Wing King? Naugy vs Southington

Tommy, August 16 2021

In a Wingaddicts blog post earlier in the year we floated out the idea that just maybe Naugatuck was the “Wing Capital” of Connecticut. With nine Wingaddicts episodes shot in Naugy and another three recommendations that we haven’t yet explored, it was a compelling argument. "But wait," said Southington. “We’d agree to a 10-round fight, winner take...

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Saying a Sad Goodbye

Tommy, August 13 2021

One of the things we always say about our Wingaddicts adventures is when we walk into a new place to shoot an episode we normally walk in as total strangers. And in almost every case we walk out as friends. That’s exactly what happened when we made a stop at American Forged Pub in Naugatuck on a snowy winter night eight months ago, and today all th...

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First Impressions

Tommy, August 9 2021

We’ve all heard the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” But I pose the question; can you judge a wing joint by its menu? Before the Wingaddicts visit any restaurant to film an episode we always start with their Facebook page. To be fair, many places do not have a strong social media game - and that’s okay. Because next, we always pul...

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Legend of "The Boneyard"

Tommy, August 2 2021

One afternoon, in the year that never was (2020), three friends looked across the table at the pile of ravaged chicken bones piled high on a single dinner plate after an epic wing feast. Ever grateful to the birds who gave their lives for this *wingasmic experience, the friends formed a cross of celery and positioned it within the pile. “Let us pay...

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Boneless Wings

Tommy, July 26 2021

Drums or flats? Bleu cheese or ranch? Breaded or naked? These are all timeless and legitimate wing questions to bounce around with your fellow Wingaddicts. But let’s get right to the sore spot; THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS BONELESS WINGS!!!!! I know. You see them on restaurant menus. Somewhere along the way, some entrepreneurial restaurant owner - real...

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Tommy, July 18 2021

Starting with the last week in February 2021 and right up through the middle of July, we overcame lots of scheduling conflicts to shoot 21 episodes over 19 weeks to put together Wingaddicts Season Six: “So Many Wings, So Little Time.” During that span we also filmed four priceless RELAPSE episodes at J.Timothy’s, Tuck’s Tavern, TK’s American Cafe,...

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Tommy, July 13 2021

When I’m in the mood for a good pizza, I will do one of two things. I’ll either get some dough and some toppings and make one homemade, or (in 75% of the cases) I’ll either visit or order takeout from a pizza place. I’ve never ordered pizza from a Chinese restaurant, a Mexican place, a deli, or a barbecue joint. Never.

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