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Best Wings in CT?

Best Wings in Connecticut?

If you had asked me last year at this time, who has the best wings in Connecticut I would have said J. Timothy’s, Archie Moore’s, Southford Lodge, Sliders, and TK’s (not necessarily in that order). 

That would have been my answer because, before this unforgettable year 2020, those were the ONLY places in CT I had ever ordered wings! And make no mistake, they were (and still are) all awesome.

Before becoming a Wingaddict nine months ago, I don’t think I actually ever “went out for wings.” Wings were an appetizer, an afterthought, something to snack on at a party. At times I’d buy frozen TGI Friday’s wings from Stop and Shop and bake them at home. And they always came out crappy. Never had I purchased fresh wings from the grocery store, never had I cooked any on my smoker, and never had I grilled or deep fried a wing in my life. 

In addition, the only flavor of wing I’d ever order was buffalo (hot or mild). Actually, back in the 80’s and 90’s I did have a few flavored wings at TK’s in Danbury, but never did I crave or seek out a flavored chicken wing.

My favorite wings of all time, are actually not in Connecticut. My close friends know that whenever I’m near New York City, we’ll be stopping at Virgil’s Real Barbecue in Times Square for wings. There, the wings have a distinctive flavor, are full wings, and are smoked. I’m drooling thinking of them, and sadly they’ve been closed down ever since we started up the Wingaddicts. 

But back to the subject. Who has the best wings in CT? We’ve been getting that question a lot lately, now that we’ve eaten at over 70 spots to date.

When you see the state contests, the newspaper reader polls, and ask people on social media they all have a small pond to choose from (see paragraph one). You ALWAYS hear about Dew Drop Inn, J. Timothy’s, Sliders, Hot Rod Cafe, Archie Moore’s, and TK’s. And they’re all the bomb for sure. But asking who has the best anything is always open to personal interpretation.

My answer to you is, do you like your wings small, medium, or large sized?

Do you like drums or flats, or whole wings?

Do you prefer breaded or no?

Do you like your wings baked, smoked, grilled, or deep fried?

Are you talking flavored or straight buffalo?

Mild, medium, or hot?Dry rub, wet, or naked? Stay on track here . . . lol.

Do you eat them at the restaurant or take out?

It would be easier to tell you where NOT to go for wings, because truly there have only been three or four places we’d never go back to. Here’s the secret; glaze through the places we’ve hit on our YouTube Channel “Wingaddicts” and watch how we react to different wings. We decided not to “rate” wings and wing joints because they all do their best. When you go to a spot, order two or three different flavors. There have been plenty that I didn’t care for, and was only saved because the next one knocked my socks off. (And I don’t wear socks)

We’ll eventually create the Wingaddicts Mount Crushmore of our favorite spots so far. They certainly include all the "big" names you’ve already read in here but a few little “wildcards” I’ll throw out are Tuck’s Tavern  and The Hub in Naugatuck, Daveluy’s and Ordinary Joe’s in Watertown, CJ Sparrow’s in Cheshire, Groggy Frogg in Southington, and Bonfire Grille in Milford. Oh, God, how could I forget the lemon pepper wings at Cover Two in Newtown?! We’re getting the chisel sharpened now! Gonna be a damned big mountain!

And by the way, there are a few big spots we haven’t hit yet! 

So many wings, so little time!

Wings up!

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