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The "Valley Wing Trail" is the fourth path on the new CT Wing Trail and arguably the greatest. It includes 14 wing spots rolling from Naugatuck all the way down through the famous "Valley" and into Milford. Four of these fourteen spots have already been featured on Wingaddicts RELAPSE episodes which places them in the CT Wing Hall of Fame and three more are on the schedule to be added in 2023. 

Each of these spots is unique in its own rite and each one will provide a memorable wing experience. If you'd like a video preview, just click on the wing photos below to see the Wingaddicts visit and learn more about each restaurant!

As you eat your way through our awesome wing state, please be sure to log into the Wingaddicts App, go to the restaurant's profile page, snap a wing pic, and leave a short review! You'll earn 1,500 rewards points on the "Leaderboard" (found in the Library section) and your wing stop will be registered towards the Trail Challenge! 

If you've already been to any of the spots on the trail and still have your wing photo, go to the app and add it in. That counts! 


One of the absolute great wing spots to have come onto the scene in the last few years has been The Hub "Wood Burning Pizza Bar." Owned by Derrick Lee and John Migliore, The Hub started with a location in Ansonia and soon added a second restaurant on Church Street in Naugatuck. It's unique to most others because the wings are cooked in the wood pizza ovens and the sauces are masterful. There are a handful of delicious flavors on the "all the time" menu, and every week they dream up some insanely magnificent wing special. One of our favorite spots in the state.


Tuck's Tavern (short for Nauga-tuck) is an area favorite to be sure. Owned by an awesome family of brothers and cousins and in-laws, this little spot on Rubber Ave has 15 flavors on the menu including the "Basics," a selection of mouth-watering "Honey Kissed" wings and finally the "Specialty Wings" which are to LIVE (not die) for! We loved every flavor on the menu, but if we could only suggest one it would be the "Red White & Bleu." 


On the outskirts of Southbury, tucked in neatly behind the building on the intersection of Rt 188 and Rt 67, The Lodge has been a local staple for decades. Drink a beer, shoot some pool, have a burger and get yourself an order (or two or three) of wings. Owned by Ken Messenger and Chris Thompson, this hometown dive bar and restaurant is a must-stop for the wing enthusiast. Grab an order of Hot Garlic! 


Sometimes the most magical restaurants are the ones that you drive past a thousand times and never thought of stopping at. Rose's is one such place. But once you do stop, you'll never stop going back! Brothers Agim (OG) and Izet (EZ) Mamadov own this Oxford gem (right next door to the Quarry development) and are two of the most generous and hospitable restaurant owners you'll ever meet. Oh, and their food is out of this world. Most people go for the buzz-worthy steaks or the gourmet pizza, but those "in the know" hit the wing menu. Yes, they actually have a "WING MENU!" There are 20 flavors on it, and you wont' go wrong. But try the Gorgonzola Hot Pepper Cream wings or the Carbonara for something you've never had before and won't ever forget!


An electric energy live music venue by night, owner Nick Argiriou named this Seymour spot after his three young daughters. MAG's might be overlooked by wing lovers simply because it has the word "pizza" in its name. Don't let that fool you. This all-purpose club / bar /restaurant in the Klarides Village Plaza on Rt 67 does have excellent pizza and pub-fare but also has the most-underrated wings we've ever encountered. There are 30 flavors on that menu and we suggest trying out the Cherry Pepper Twist. 


Musician Craig Strilka and his wife Sarah revamped this Seymour venue on Rt 67 next to CVS pharmacy and turned it into a great local gathering spot. With an enormous list of craft beers on tap, live music, and a great bar menu, Pub 67 also has 18 great in-house wing flavors to pick from. You won't be disappointed with your visit here! 


This restaurant has been passed down through four generations of owners and Chris Caruso (at age 23) took it over when his grandfather and his father passed away within four days of one another in 2021. Chris turned Jimmie's from a local Seymour lunch bar to an open-seven-days-a-week foodie destination with a killer menu and an (even more killer) wing game. Jimmie's wasn't a wing destination in the past, but now you'd be well served to make a special trip from anywhere to feast from the brand new 45 flavor menu. The lemon pepper wing is our all-time favorite lemon pepper wing. But there are SO many more!


All Connecticut wing conversations start and stop with Dew Drop Inn. You might have a wait to get in. You might have a tough time finding a parking spot. And you will pay a little bit more. But you will also choose from 130 house-made flavors, you will get the highest-quality chicken wings cooked from raw, and you will be treated like a VIP by owner Jason Carlucci and his amazing staff. Being a wing lover and not going to Dew Drop is like taking your family on vacation to Orlando and not going to Disney World. 


When he opened this Derby bar/restaurant in 2019, Gary Pettinella didn't want to put wings on his menu. With the close proximity to Archie Moore's (at the time), Dew Drop Inn and Porky's among others, he figured why compete? But the patrons wanted wings. Then Covid hit. Then wing prices skyrocketed. So Gary decided to keep wings OFF the menu but include them on a rotating daily "Specials" menu. This place is special itself. It's "Retro" Derby. History everywhere. And the wings at Retro are top quality and the house-made flavors are unique. "We don't try to be like anybody else," Gary says. "We just want to be ourselves." See what's on that specials menu, but ask for the Asian Blueberry BBQ or Nashville Honey Hot Oil wings! 


After a long run as a popular Shelton bar/restaurant called Danny O's, the Orazietti's sold the place and took a break. Break over. Dan and his wife Linda moved back into this historical downtown location at 441 Howe Ave and reopened as The Pub on Howe. An Irish Pub (run by Italians), this place if welcoming and friendly and has a solid list of your basic wing flavors on the menu. Take your pick. Then try the Irish Egg Rolls. You'll probably leave with a few new friends.


If you stand on the roof at Pub on Howe, you'd only need a 3/4 pitching wedge to hit a golf ball to Porky's. Established by Paul Piccarillo and Mark "Porky" Anderson in 1987 (now run by co-owner Mike Manzo) this is unquestionably Shelton's favorite wing joint. Fans of Porky's wings will fight you on that. Consistent and excellent every time, there are only four flavors on the menu (and then three or four combo flavors from those four). Straight buffalo is the house favorite, but the Wingaddicts favorite was the "Triple Dip" which is a combo of Buffalo, BBQ and Spicy Thai. BWW, the fourth flavor is Buffalo Garlic Parm. 


Matt Calandro grew up in Shelton in the restaurant business and in 2012 opened up an Italian Deli / pizza joint / restaurant called Verace at 100 Center Street with his wife Kelly. They later transformed it into this beautiful restaurant with two-level outdoor seating with full bar, a massive dining room and banquet hall, and . . . wings! The other food is so good it's hard to go there for just wings but when you do, we recommend the BBHB (that's Bourbon Bacon Habanero BBQ wings), the Honey Soy or the Scary Tery. You might want to save (just a little) room for the chicken scarpariello. Ahhhh. We're hoping they make a wing out of that!


Right on the sound in Milford, Rob Cyr and Frank Basil took over this popular Milford location formerly called Sloppy Jose's and turned it into a local favorite. This shoreline pub fare menu includes the burgers and sandwiches you'd expect, along with a great dinner menu. Their wings come in only eight flavors, but they're unique. You'll probably have a tough time deciding between the Buffalo Gorgonzola, Firecracker Margarita, Habanero Bonfire Blaze, Sticky Chipotle Raspberry and the house-favorite BBQ Dry Rub. Our only advice, if you get the Bonfire Blaze wings, ask for a frozen sangria. You'll need it to put out the fire!


We have a soft spot for this homey dive bar because it opened in 2020 right as we started Wingaddicts. Tom and Karen Langrieger opened up this spot in downtown Milford and have become an instant local favorite. Their wing menu includes a strong selection of 18 wing flavors. We enjoyed six of them with our favorites being the Jerk, the Cajun Butter and Karen's creation, Karen's Hot Honey. Warning for all you hot wing lovers: the Carolina Reaper wings are some of the hottest we've ever encountered. If you can eat an order of seven, we'll buy you a glass of milk. Oh, and they have a "shot ski." 

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