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The Southwest CT Trail (2 of 7)

The Southwestern Wing Trail is the second of SEVEN Trails on the new CT Wing Trail and consists of 13 wing spots in the southwestern region of Connecticut. Each one is unique in its own rite and each one will provide a memorable wing experience. If you'd like a video preview, just click on the wing photos below to see the Wingaddicts visit and learn more about each restaurant!

As you eat your way through our awesome wing state, please be sure to log into the Wingaddicts App, go to the restaurant's profile page, snap a wing pic, and leave a short review! You'll earn 1,500 rewards points on the "Leaderboard" (found in the Library section) and your wing stop will be registered towards the Trail Challenge! 

If you've already been to any of the spots on the trail and still have your wing photo, go to the app and add it in. That counts! 


Conveniently located on Route 7 in New Milford, Scooter’s is an upscale sports bar purchased in 2020 by Bronx restauranteurs Eddie David and his partner Vilson Vitaj. Scooter’s has a super-interesting feature. They smoke their wings. There are only four flavors on the menu (Shmokin’, Sweet Heat, BBQ and Slow Death) and all are delicious. “Slow Death” was our favorite, but we absolutely loved them all.


A beautiful hidden gem near Candlewood Lake, Icon's has a selection of about 30 wing flavors. Oil fried with a light breading, these wings hold their flavor like none other in the area. Owner Dave? Bernardini has created a fun family environment centered around sports and great food. Our recommendation is to try the Smokehouse Bacon wings or the Hot Bleu Cheese. You really cannot go wrong.


Owner Joe Attonito has created a super casual breakfast, lunch and early dinner menu centered around great burgers, dogs, and sandwiches . . . and 73 flavors of wings! One of the largest selections in the state to be sure. On warmer days, there's a large outdoor deck area to relax, tap beer, and oh . . . a miniature golf course too. There isn't another place anything like this in CT. SO many great wings to pick from. Try the Bobcat (named after Brookfield High School's mascot). 


Former Newtown High School football player and coach, Tyler Tarantino took this one-time Sandy Hook dive bar and turned it into an always-hopping sports bar with an excellent menu and some of the area's best chicken wings. Try the Lemon Pepper wings or the famous "Mistake" wings. Oh, and go on your birthday and get free wings to match your age. Nobody does that anymore! 


This CT Hall of Fame wing spot was the first in the entire state to feature "WINGS" as a separate category on the menu. Today, TK's slings upwards of 70 wing flavors with TV's at virtually every table and hard core wing fanatics every day of the week. Try the Jerkadactyl wings, the Tumbleweed, Maui Wowie, or the Ugly Elf. You'll have fun just reading the menu! And you'll probably see owner Tom Kennedy making his rounds. He's been the hands-on owner supporting the local community for over 30 years. 


This Danbury CT institution, bordering Rogers Park, has been a sports bar destination for decades. Started by "Choppy" Pippa, it was taken over by former employee Susie Seri who kept the baton moving and elevated the bar's wing game. Pippa's is known to have smaller wings, because they use the organic Bell & Evans wings, but that doesn't make them any less amazing. It actually gives you the ability to eat more! The Mango Hab is a big favorite there, but we recommend you try out the unique dry rub "Susie Q" wings! 


The first thing you notice upon walking into this restaurant is that it's HUGE! The second thing you'll notice is that WINGS are the first thing on the menu! There's a selection of around 30 flavors to choose from and they come with little "flavor flags" on toothpicks so you'll be able to tell your wings apart. What a great spot to watch the game, drink a beer, and eat some solid wings. We enjoyed six flavors, but really enjoyed the XXX Habanero. 


On the train tracks in the center of Bethel sits this trendy local hotspot. Owner Tony Heslin and executive chef James Bernier operate this wood-fired pizza bar/ restaurant and have a dozen great flavors of wood-fired wings on the menu. When professional chefs are involved you know that they aren't using bottled sauces in that kitchen! In fact you'll find some interesting flavor combos like Rosemary Brown Sugar, Pesto Parmesan and Sesame Hot Garlic but nowhere else on the trail will you find Mesquite Scotch Bonnet. If you want to sneak down the street to their sister restaurant "The Note" we'll give you extra credit to try Cider BBQ or Truffle Parm. 


Widely known as one of THE most-popular BBQ spots in all of Connecticut, this place does EVERYTHING well! You'll want to order everything on that menu but control yourself and pick a few different flavors of the pit smoked wings. If you have any room in your belly after that, THEN go after the brisket, some ribs and maybe a "Jar O Bacon." 


Mark Lutz has been serving up great food for years in upper Fairfield County. From food trucks to multiple brick and mortar spots he recently opened a restaurant in Newtown up near the Monroe line. Station 25, firehouse themed like all of his venues, allows you to get your (very large) wings breaded or traditional naked with ten flavors to choose from. There's an expansive (not expensive) menu with excellent entree options as well. We suggest going straight for the Honey Hot Tamale wings or take a stab at the Lemon Pepper or even order Gorgonzola Cherry Pepper wings which aren't on the menu. You will ALWAYS get your wings breaded unless you ask for the "naked" or "gluten free" version. So avoid the surprise! Of course they're amazing either way!


Chef Shawn Reilly and his wife Erin took over this historic local spot in Redding and brought it way back to life. A rustic family restaurant that has something for everybody, it may well be the ONLY wing spot in town. And, frankly, its all you'll need. Outside of all the great pub food and a dinner menu that will make you drool, you'll find ten excellent flavors of wings (and we ate them all)! Try out the Gochujang wings. You're welcome.


Three amigos, Casey Dohm, Jamie Pantenella and Matt Bacco decided to venture out and open their own restaurant and sports bar in South Norwalk in 20?? and called it Blind Rhino. Since then, they've opened another location in Black Rock and have multiple food trucks that serve their award-winning wings at festivals, fairs and breweries. There aren't dozens of flavors on the menu but nearly ALL of their flavors have won awards at The National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY including their Hot Buffalo which took home first place in 2021 and 2022! Blind Rhino was inducted into the Wingaddicts Hall of Fame (Mount Crushmore) in the summer of 2022. They have two locations (Black Rock and South Norwalk). Try them all but focus on those Cherry Pepper Buffalo wings. 


As suggested in this Norwalk restaurant's name, Coals is not even close to being a "wing joint." HOWEVER, if you're a true Wingaddict (and we know you are) you absolutely have to try theirs. Forget about the fact that their pizza is world class (thin rolled and grilled), but their wings are deep fried, sauced and grilled with four delicious flavors. We suggest all of them but if you can only get one, try the Rosemary Maple. It's so unique. Get pizza too so you can finish up with the "Coals Roll." Roll up this super-thin pizza and mop up the excess wing sauce! 

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