Tommy, April 18 2023

The CT Wing Trail is HERE!

OK. We did it!

After multiple requests over the past three years, and hours in the board room, the Wingaddicts have finally created the world's most-amazing chicken wing challenge. We've created The Connecticut Wing Trail!

The idea sounds simple at first. Pick out the best 15 wing destinations in Connecticut and call it a wing trail. But not so fast. With the number of excellent wing spots in the state, there's just no quantifiable way to narrow a trail down to fifteen.

While the Buffalo Wing Trail consists of 14 restaurants in The Home of the Buffalo Wing, we realized that the population of Connecticut is well more than ten-times that of Buffalo. Not to mention, the BWT runs only 25 miles from tip to toe. CT, meanwhile, is 100 miles wide and over 5,500 square miles in full. 

So, to make it demographically sensible and not leave out any important restaurants, we've carefully constructed a total of SEVEN regional trails for you to explore! And to make it even better, we've wrapped them all around a super fun "challenge." 

Our seven regions include the Northwest and Southwest Wing Trails which cover a total of 26 restaurants (13 in each) in Litchfield and Fairfield Counties with a small chunk of western New Haven County as well. 

The Northern Central Trail covers 11 restaurants in upper Hartford County.

The Central Trail exclusively covers 11 spots in the towns of Plainville and Southington.

The Valley Wing Trail consists of 14 must-try wing joints throughout the mighty Naugatuck Valley.

The South Central Trail see's 13 restaurants in central New Haven County, while the lesser-traveled Eastern Wing Trail covers 11 spots east of the Mississippi (if the Mississippi River ran directly through the center of Connecticut).  


Venture out and complete as many of the trails as you can! At we lay out each trail completely with write-ups on each restaurant as well as wing photos, suggestions, and even links to Wingaddicts video episodes if you want to prep! We even link up the restaurant websites for menus, addresses, etc. 

When you visit a restaurant simply open up the Wingaddicts app, open that restaurant's profile, and "Post a Review." You'll get a little photo icon where you can snap a photo of your wings and leave a brief  comment. (You can "save" for later if you just can't wait to eat those wings!) That will earn you 1,500 rewards points in the app and register your visit.

* We'll even let you go backwards and register visits at the spots you've already been (as long as you still have the photo!) You may print out the CT Wing Trail Checklist PDF on this link and keep track.

Complete any given Wing Trail and you'll receive an "I Conquered the CT Wing Trail" shirt and have your name (photo optional) added to the "Wing Trail Wall of Fame" which will be displayed on the website. Meanwhile your rewards points will accumulate and your name will be displayed on our "Top 15" Leaderboard (video game style).

* SIDENOTE: You may also accumulate rewards points by reviewing wing spots that are not on the CT Wing Trail. In fact, you earn 1,500 for reviewing any wings anywhere in the world. 

Each Wing Trail Challenge has no time limit. However, should you complete all seven during the calendar year 2023, we'll reward you with AN EPIC WING GIVEAWAY OF AWESOME WING PROPORTIONS as well as an "Ultimate Wingaddict" sweatshirt hoodie featuring the names of all 86 restaurants!  

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